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Kim Jong-un’s ‘Palace of Pyongyang’ Demolished, Satellite Images Reveal

Evidence suggests the demolition of Kim Jong Un family’s luxury retreats
Likely for military relocation

Google Earth

Demolition activities have been detected at one of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s luxurious residences.

According to Newsweek, on May 7th, an account that reports on North Korean construction trends tweeted, “Looking at the latest satellite images, Kim Jong Un’s Ryokpo Palace residence is being demolished or remodeled.”

Earlier, NK Pro, the premium service of North Korea-focused media outlet NK News, also reported that the residential buildings and annex structures of the Ryokpo Palace residence, located south of Pyongyang, were demolished between April 21 and 25.

The media speculated that the demolition was part of transferring this area to the military.


Ryokpo Palace has been known as a personal retreat used by the Kim family since before Kim Jong Un’s era. It is nicknamed the “Palace of Pyongyang.” The Russian state news agency TASS has previously revealed some aspects of this place.

The residence’s yard boasts an open garden and an artificial pond with a fountain. The interior is adorned with stylish and glamorous lighting designs and marble, and expensive sculptures and other works of art are on display.

This house revealed the affluent lifestyle of the supreme leader, contrasting with the extreme poverty of ordinary North Korean citizens.


North Korean experts estimate Kim owns dozens of other residences and villas.

By region, there are said to be six in North Pyongan, six in South Pyongan, four in Pyongyang, three in Ryanggang, nine in South and North Hamgyong, three in South and North Hwanghae, and one each in Kangwon and Jagang, totaling 33 locations.

In particular, the Island of Fantasy villa has received significant international attention. About 50 km from Wonsan are three islands: Baekdo, Jukdo, and Seokdo. The Kim family has built yacht docking facilities, horse riding fields, and accommodation facilities on these three islands.

In 2013, former NBA player Dennis Rodman visited this place and reportedly enjoyed drinking and partying with Kim.

At the time, Rodman described the island as “similar to Hawaii, but with only one resident, Kim Jong Un.”

KBS News

Meanwhile, a missile test was recently conducted near Kim Jong Un’s Bonghw No.2 villa.

According to sources, North Korea has been turning the front of the villa into a lawn since last year. On April 13th, July 12th, and December 18th last year, they launched the solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) known as Hwasong-18 three times.

The Bonghwa 2 serves as a villa and a medical facility for the top echelon, and it is a favored retreat for Kim Jong Un.

Experts have analyzed that “it is highly likely that Kim would not allow the use of nuclear weapons far from his usual surroundings.”

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