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5 Japanese Open-Air Hot Springs Offering Ocean Views

Japan is renowned as the land of hot springs and offers various places to enjoy onsen baths. Staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan is perfect for relieving fatigue, and let’s introduce Japanese open-air hot springs with ocean views.

① Ocean-view Hot Springs in Shizuoka Prefecture

Sawada Park Open-Air Bath

In Nishiizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Sawada Park boasts an open-air bath right before the beach. It’s a popular destination in Shizuoka, offering a panoramic view of Suruga Bay. Equipped with separate open-air baths for men and women, it’s a place to enjoy warm hot springs while enjoying the breathtaking ocean scenery.

The sunset view from the open-air bath is breathtaking. The entrance fee for Sawada Park’s open-air bath is 500 yen (approx. $4.50).

  • Address: 2817-1 Nishina, Nishiizu, Kamo District, Shizuoka 410-3514, Japan
  • Operating hours: 09:00~19:00, closed on Wednesdays
  • Entrance fee: 500 yen ($4.47)

Shukaen Yunohanazen in Shizuoka Prefecture is a ryokan located by the coastline. Guests can enjoy onsen baths with ocean views from the large communal baths or the guest rooms’ open-air baths. All rooms face the ocean, providing excellent views from any spot.

On the rooftop, a communal bath alternates between men and women. Soaking in the onsen while gazing at the sea offers true relaxation. Additionally, guests can enjoy ocean views from the indoor baths.

For those seeking a genuine ocean-view onsen experience, Shukaen Yunohanazen is highly recommended. Visitors from Tokyo can reach it in about 45 minutes by JR Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Atami Station, followed by a 10-minute shuttle bus ride (reservation required) from the station.

  • Address: 7 Wadahamaminamich, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0023, Japan
  • Price: 19,500 – 78,100 yen (180 – 700 USD) per person per night (includes breakfast and dinner)

② Ryokan Experience with Noboribetsu Hot Springs

Kokorono Resort Umino bettei Furukawa

Situated in Noboribetsu, the Kokoro no Resort Umino Bettei Furukawa offers a tranquil retreat. Nestled in a quiet Japanese countryside village, this hotel offers accommodations blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern comforts.

From the rooms, guests can enjoy sweeping views of the vast ocean. The hotel’s open-air baths, operated on a reservation-based system for private use, allow guests to soak in the therapeutic hot springs while gazing out at the sea. After a rejuvenating soak, indulge in a refined kaiseki meal thoughtfully prepared to enhance relaxation.

Guests have praised the hotel for its proximity to the sea and captivating vistas, deeming it an ideal spot to unwind amidst Japan’s cultural richness. From its pristine ocean panoramas to its exceptional open-air baths, the Kokorono Resort Umino Bettei Furukawa promises an unforgettable stay.

  • Address: 289-3 Kojohama, Shiraoi, Shiraoi District, Hokkaido 059-0641, Japan
  • Price: 25,900 – 56,400 yen (230 – 505 USD) (inclusive of breakfast and dinner)

③ Famous Luxury Ryokan in Japan

Yumesenkei Besso Amahara

The Yumesenkei Besso Amahara is a resort boasting ocean views from all its rooms. Located on Awaji Island in the western part of Hyogo Prefecture, this ryokan is renowned for its excellent facilities.

Each room features a private open-air hot spring, allowing guests to enjoy a tranquil soak in privacy. Separate time-reserved private baths are also available. Guests can also enjoy complimentary access to the hot springs at five nearby ryokans. It’s the perfect place to unwind and relax throughout the day.

  • Address: 1052-2 Orodani, Sumoto, Hyogo 656-0023, Japan
  • Price: 33,000 – 55,000 yen (296 – 494 USD) per person per night (including breakfast and dinner)
Plaza Awajishima

Plaza Awajishima, situated on Awaji Island, is a ryokan high in the mountains, offering an exceptional view. All rooms have ocean views and are equipped with open-air hot springs, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Two private baths outside the room can be used on a time-reserved basis. It’s recommended to visit the large bath, where you can enjoy the view of the ocean at sunset. The beautiful scenery right before your eyes will captivate you.

  • Address: 1433-2 Amafukiagemachi, Minamiawaji, Hyogo 656-0542 Japan
  • Price: 19,800 – 80,300 yen (180 – 720 USD) per person per night (breakfast and dinner included)
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