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Hotel Privacy Nightmare: Hidden Cameras Found in Seoul’s Luxury Inn

A hidden camera has been discovered in a 5-star hotel in downtown Seoul, causing significant shock, especially considering the hotel’s status as a prominent establishment in the city.

Source: YouTube@NewsTVCHOSUN

According to a report from No Cut News on the 18th, a man in his twenties who worked at the hotel was found to have engaged in illegal filming of guests and colleagues. The employee initially worked as a bellman, carrying guests’ luggage, and later transitioned from a contractual to a permanent employee. However, he was caught illegally filming a female coworker in the staff restroom on October 30th last year, leading to a police investigation following the hotel’s report.


The hotel in question provides bellmen with master keys to access guest rooms to carry luggage after recording their entry and exit times for work-related purposes. Presently, the hotel management has offered an explanation, citing the absence of CCTV cameras inside the rooms as a challenge in effectively monitoring employees’ actions.

A spokesperson for the hotel expressed deep regret for the inconvenience caused to guests due to the employee’s misconduct, stating, “We take responsibility for the harm incurred by guests due to the employee’s transgressions.” Furthermore, they conveyed plans to digitize the entry and exit times of all employees who need access to guest rooms, emphasizing proactive monitoring measures.

One guest who had stayed at the hotel received a call from the police in February, informing them of illegal filming. Initially dismissing it as a case of voice phishing, the guest eventually visited the police station after receiving multiple calls from law enforcement.

The guest confirmed their pictures and provided a statement but expressed frustration at not explaining how the suspect obtained their information or took their photographs. Presently, the victims are fraught with anxiety, having paid substantial sums to stay at the hotel without assurance of safety and uncertain about the nature of the pictures taken.

YouTube@JTBC News

The discovery of hidden cameras in domestic hotels is not unprecedented. In September last year, a hidden camera was found in the women’s restroom of a foreign-owned hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The perpetrator was a male employee in his 40s working at the hotel. Upon receiving a report of an object resembling a camera in the women’s restroom utilized by hotel staff and external personnel, the police responded promptly.

The hotel management disclosed that they obtained a statement from the employee who admitted to personally installing the surveillance equipment. Additionally, they confirmed the employee’s termination and announced plans to inspect all facilities through an external contractor comprehensively.

The police analyzed the illegal filming equipment to investigate the circumstances of the incident, considering the possibility of external dissemination of the footage.


In April last year, a man in his 30s was apprehended for covertly installing cameras disguised as internet routers in guest rooms of accommodation facilities. The prosecution sentenced this individual to a 10-year imprisonment. Additionally, he was mandated to undergo a sexual violence treatment program, disclose his personal information, and face a 10-year employment restriction.

The man installed 14 cameras in guest rooms across 10 Seoul, Incheon, and Busan accommodation facilities. He illegally filmed the bodies of over 100 guests on 69 occasions. Cameras were placed in locations such as TV shelves inside motels or hotel rooms, capturing footage towards the beds.

This information came to light through a report by a hotel staff member. The police collected all the cameras, preventing the dissemination of any illegally recorded footage.


In South Korea, incidents of hidden camera crimes occur daily, with several cases reported daily. According to Article 14 of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence, offenders can face up to seven years of imprisonment or fines of up to 50 million Korean Won (approximately $43,000). The severity of punishment for those who distribute or possess such footage is also increasing.

However, despite the government’s extensive crackdown efforts, over 6,000 cases of hidden camera crimes are reported annually. These illegal filming incidents in Korea have also attracted international attention. While authorities continue to enforce strict measures, the problem persists.

A foreign TikToker advised travelers to Korea to carry hidden camera detectors, emphasizing the possibility of cameras being installed in various locations. Another TikToker revealed Korea’s issue of illegal filming, stating, “It’s not uncommon to find gaps in public restrooms blocked with toilet paper.”

As these videos gained attention, most Korean internet users expressed embarrassment, labeling the situation a national disgrace.

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