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Tesla’s Hatchback EV Could Redefine the Market

Tesla announces entry-level electric vehicle
There are even rumors of a Model 2 release
The expected hatchback shape was also captured

Predictive rendering of the hatchback based on the Tesla Model 3

Tesla has announced launching affordable entry-level electric vehicles to expand its existing lineup further. At the time, many people had high expectations and expected the name to be Model 2. As accurate information has not yet been made public, only various rumors have been circulating.

Thanks to these expectations, an overseas designer created a predictive rendering of a subcompact hatchback based on the Tesla Model 3. People who saw the rendering expressed hope that Tesla would launch a hatchback-shaped subcompact EV, while others criticized that it would not be very popular in the market. What did it look like?

Predictive rendering of hatchback based on Tesla Model 3
Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Mix Alfa Romeo and Model 3
A Tesla-like never before

First, two models formed the basis of the hatchback design: the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the Tesla Model 3. Looking at the rear of the vehicle, the features of the Alfa Romeo have been erased, and it has been decorated with Tesla-specific rear lamps and bumpers. The roofline has also been trimmed to be Tesla-like.

The door handles and windows were designed using Model 3 Performance. The diffuser and wheels, including a removable aero cap, also inherited Tesla’s features. Looking at the front, Tesla’s characteristics stand out even more, as seen in the headlamps, bonnet, and bumper.

Tesla Model 3 Highland
Interior of the Tesla Model 3 Highland

The base model for the design is the recently released Model 3 Highland

Meanwhile, it has been launched as Highland, a facelift version of Tesla Model 3, and is currently gaining popularity. In addition, ventilated seats were added, drawing a positive response from South Koreans.

With single-motor and dual-motor four-wheel drive trims, it can drive 382 km (237 miles) to 488 km (303 miles) on a single charge, producing about 279 horsepower to 490 horsepower. Prices range from $38,990 to $47,470. The Model 3-based hatchback is just a rumor, but if it is launched, it will likely be released with entry-level performance at a cheaper price.

The market response varies by region

Will Tesla launch a hatchback?

People who saw the rendering are showing different reactions. European netizens predict it will be a huge success once it is released locally, but netizens in the US and South Korea believe the local response will not be good even if it is launched. Nevertheless, most people are looking forward to Tesla’s electric hot hatch.

A hatchback based on the Tesla Model 3, a balanced mix of the Model 3 and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. And, for a look created while waiting for more information about Model 2, it is pretty specific, making us look forward to its actual release. Will Tesla be able to develop a hatchback-style electric vehicle and launch it on the market?


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