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Honda Prelude Revival: A Hybrid Sports Coupe with Stylish Design Set for 2025 Launch

A true revival is just around the corner
Honda Prelude sports coupe
What changes can we expect to see?

Starting with its first release in 1978, the Honda Prelude was very popular in the Japanese and North American markets until 2001. The new Prelude, which revealed its latest appearance at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show held last year, was enough to warm the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide.

However, at the time, mass production of the new Prelude was considered a distant future. Detailed specifications and performance information for the model have recently been released, and expectations are rising again. The Honda Prelude is coming back to us. What kind of appearance can this vehicle show?

Equipped with a hybrid heart
The top output is 207 horsepower

According to information released, the newly produced Honda Prelude will maintain a 2+2 seat configuration and be equipped with a front-wheel drive hybrid powertrain. This is the same 2.0L e HEV engine that is installed in the current Civic and Accord Hybrid. The maximum output is expected to reach approximately 207 horsepower.

The vehicle’s size is 4,300 mm (169.29 inches) in length,1,791 mm (70.51 inches) in width, 1,300 mm (51.18 inches) in height, and the wheelbase is 2,576 mm (101.41 inches). It is almost similar in size to the current Toyota GR 86. Industry experts estimate the vehicle price to be around $27,042 to $28,973.

2001 Honda Prelude model

How much has the Prelude evolved since its last model?

At this point, we will briefly look at the last-launched 5th-generation Prelude model. The 5th generation Prelude, produced until 2001, was equipped with a 2.2L in-line 4-cylinder DOHC engine and generated a maximum output of 200 horsepower. Looking at the horsepower figures alone, there is no significant difference from the newly released model. The biggest difference is the hybrid powertrain that will be installed for the first time in the Prelude’s history, as well as the additional elements that will arise from it.

Prelude is a model that has gained considerable popularity in the North American market. For this reason, the newly released Prelude is expected to produce a left-hand drive model for export and a right-hand drive model for the Japanese market. There has been no official announcement from the Honda brand, but considering that Honda has newly applied for the Prelude trademark to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, its launch in the North American market seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The Honda Prelude was used as a safety car in the F1 Japan Grand Prix

The joyous revival of the Prelude
Encourages dreams of a JDM revival

The new Prelude will be launched on the Japanese market in the second half of 2025. The response from South Korean and overseas consumers is primarily positive. Prelude will be the first Japanese car equipped with an electric sunroof as standard. Since the Prelude left a strong mark on Japanese automobile history, including operating as the safety car for the 1994 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix, the news of its revival is all the more welcome.

The revival of the Prelude raises expectations for the revival of the Japanese sports car (JDM), which dominated the Japanese automobile industry in the past. Quite a few people view the revival of JDM positively.

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