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Lexus ES Redesign Rumors Spark Excitement: Glimpse into the Future of Luxury Sedans

Lexus flagship sedan ES
New model predictions were also revealed
Is there a possibility of adding an electric vehicle?

ES is the most popular model in the Lexus brand. The E-segment sedan, which was launched with the brand’s establishment in 1989, has already been six years since the launch of the 7th generation redesigned model in 2018. Although the model has seen improvements through several minor updates, it’s becoming apparent that the ES is showing signs of aging.

Meanwhile, the expected design of the new ES has been revealed, drawing consumers’ attention. Unlike the current model, which overwhelms the atmosphere with its magnificent spindle grille, it looks closer to an electric vehicle. It is known that there is a strong possibility that an electric vehicle model will be added to the new ES.

Teaser of the new Lexus ES

It might not be a redesigned model
Consisting of electric vehicles and hybrids

Russian automobile media outlet Kolesa unveiled the rendering for the new Lexus ES on May 24. The rendering was based on Lexus’s 2021 teaser for its future electric vehicle lineup. At the time, Lexus did not provide specific information about the sedan in the teaser image, but the industry viewed the model as the new ES because the profile was the same as the current model.

Accordingly, some predict that Lexus will launch a second facelift version and add an electric vehicle instead of releasing a redesigned version of the ES. According to Carscoops, on May 8, Lexus recently applied for new trademarks such as ES350e and ES500e following the ES350h. Lexus has been using h in model names for hybrid vehicles and e for electric vehicles, so it seems inevitable that it will launch an ES electric vehicle.

Lexus ES
Lexus ES Interior

Somewhat disappointing front design
Expecting differentiation with the hybrid

If the new ES exterior matches the recent renders, the model will adopt a subtler design compared to its current iteration. The current ES is known for its striking spindle grille bordered by chrome, a feature that has attracted much attention. In contrast, the new model is designed with a more understated front section featuring minimal vents. Adding vertical vents on the bumper sides and new Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) lend the vehicle a sharper, more refined appearance.

Many people may be disappointed with the typical electric car-like front end, but it is still too early to say for sure. This is a rendering based on the teaser for the new electric vehicle lineup so that the hybrid vehicles may appear differently. Some differentiation between the previously launched RX and RZ can be expected.

Anticipated rendering of the new Lexus ES / Kolesa

Enhanced luxury for the rear
Possibly unveiled within this year

The interior is expected to see significant changes compared to the current model. Referring to the interior of Lexus’ latest models, such as RZ and NX, a larger center display, simplified air conditioner controller, and electronic shift selector are likely to be applied. In the rear, a futuristic sensibility is added through the latest trend, horizontal tail lamps, and the Lexus emblem can be replaced with lettering.

Powertrain information for the new ES is unknown, but hybrid specifications will likely be shared with the RX350h. In the powertrain case, the total system output is 250 horsepower through a 2.5L 4-cylinder gasoline naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor. The industry predicts that the new Lexus ES will be unveiled within 2024.

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