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How 1915 Ford Model T, a Century-Old Survivor Still Rolling Strong

A Century-Old Car
Still, Running on the Road?
The Identity of this Vehicle

Maintaining classic and vintage cars that are decades old is no easy task. Particularly if you want to drive them regularly, the inconvenience of replacing various consumables and the difficulty of sourcing and repairing parts for discontinued models become even more challenging. This is why people avoid old cars except for a few collectors.

Recently, a scene was captured driving a unique-looking classic car in the US. People could not hide their shock at seeing a car that looked like it had come out of a museum and was driving on the road in perfect condition. Let’s look at what kind of model everyone is so surprised by.

Ford’s historic car
Model T, a symbol of the mass production era

The vehicle is the Model T released by Ford. This vehicle was first produced in 1908 and is a historic model that opened the era of mass-produced automobiles. The production of the Model T made it possible for anyone in the US to own a vehicle at an affordable price.

The Model T, equipped with a 2.9L in-line 4-cylinder engine, produces 20 horsepower and can reach a top speed of approximately 68 km/h (42.3 mph). This vehicle, which utilized front-wheel drive, also had various derivative models such as roadsters, coupes, and sedans. The model the YouTubers rode is known to be a 1915 Model T.

Visit the repair shop themselves
This is the first time seeing a car like this

Wanting to get it inspected to ensure a smoother ride, they drove a Model T to a Ford dealership. They arrived after several hours, a distance that would have taken a typical car 45 minutes, and requested a mechanic inspect the vehicle. However, the mechanic was embarrassed and waved his hands, saying, “I have never serviced a vehicle like this before.”

What’s even more surprising is that 109 years later, the 1915 Ford Model T had no information recorded in the database currently held by Ford’s dealership. Officials at the dealership could not hide their embarrassment, saying, “This is the first time that a classic car over 100 years old has come in for direct maintenance.”

The simple structure is the biggest advantage
Repairs are still convenient

Despite various adverse conditions, the Ford Model T eventually drove smoothly again after completing maintenance such as an engine oil change, brake inspection, and windshield inspection. Afterwards, they completed the vehicle inspection and driving.

Meanwhile, as explained earlier, the Ford Model T officially opened the era of mass production of automobiles and showed record sales, with 15,07,033 units sold over 19 years. Because it was manufactured using simple methods, such as minimizing parts and standardizing the body, it has been able to be repaired without problems even 100 years later.

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  • Joe

    The model T was NOT front wheel drive as stated in your article.

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