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Leaked! BMW X3’s Latest Design Divides Car Enthusiasts

BMW’s new X3 leaked
Harsh criticism is already pouring in
How did it end up like this?

Leaked Design of BMW X3 Full Change

The kidney grille and Hofmeister Kink represent BMW’s design identity. At one time, it was mainly evaluated as having unrivaled visuals that Mercedes-Benz could not surpass, but these days, the response to BMW’s new car design is not the same as before. In particular, the increasingly enlarged kidney grille has been met with mixed reviews and is now receiving adverse reactions.

The elongated Nutria grille, a hallmark of the BMW 4 Series, was once notable, but a new car has now overshadowed it. An official image of the completely redesigned D-segment SUV, the BMW X3, which has been highly anticipated, has been leaked. This new model is expected to set a new standard in its category.

Bimmer Post

Briefly posted on the official site
EV model, not internal combustion engine vehicle

According to recent foreign media reports, a 4th generation (codename G45) X3 promotional image was briefly posted on BMW’s official website and then deleted. It is unknown whether the image leak, believed to be a screenshot of the official video, was an intentional strategy or a simple mistake. However, it seems inevitable that the new design will cause considerable stir.

First, the blocked grill of the new car in the photo and the fender charging port cover on the driver’s side suggests that it is the iX3, a derivative electric vehicle specification. The new car in the leaked image significantly differs from the prototype vehicle captured. A camouflage film has blocked the lower portion of the radiator grill of the prototype vehicle.

Slightly plain side part
The grill is the most significant controversy

The side part stands out with a silhouette similar to the previously released electric SUV iX. Although it is not an auto-flush type, the handle that is unified with the door panel and the minimal groove below it seems to have reduced air resistance. Character lines with sharp angles cannot be found on the doors. Instead, the wheel arches were designed to be large, flat, and curved.

The new model’s L-shaped dual daytime running lights are generally considered acceptable, but the grille has sparked the most controversy. Dramatically larger, the grille adopts a nearly square shape and features a unique mix of vertical and diagonal lines. The bumper, emphasizing the aesthetic of minimalism by reducing unnecessary elements, is distinguished by vertical vents on both sides and an air curtain at the bottom, highlighting its streamlined design.


Is this all because of China?
The rest will be released this month

While the rear part of the new BMW X3 has not yet been leaked, the front has already faced criticism, tempering expectations. This reception contrasts with the generally positive responses from the upper models, the X5 and X6. Industry observers also suggest that the Chinese electric vehicle industry’s aggressive recruitment of renowned designers from major brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, backed by substantial capital, may have influenced these design changes.

Meanwhile, the new X3 is based on the improved CLAR platform. In the case of the vehicle body, it has a length of 4,755 mm (187.2 inches), a width of 1,920 mm (75.6 inches), a height of 1,676 mm (66.0 inches), and a wheelbase of 2,865 mm (112.8 inches). An improved anti-roll bar is applied to realize the next level of advanced riding comfort, and a new adaptive suspension is provided as an option. This new vehicle is scheduled to be officially unveiled as early as this month.

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