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Safety Concerns Shadow Xiaomi’s Electric SUV Launch

Xiaomi enters the electric vehicle market
Recently spotted the following electric vehicle model
Safety controversy persists

Xiaomi Electric SUV / Instagram sugardesign_1

Initially known for its auxiliary batteries, Xiaomi is based in Beijing but has significantly diversified its product range. The company now offers everything from smart home devices and appliances to cloud services and auxiliary batteries. In a surprising move in 2021, Xiaomi announced its entry into the electric vehicle market. By March 2024, it had officially launched its first electric vehicle, the SU7. This expansion has garnered global attention, positioning Xiaomi as a noteworthy player in the electric vehicle industry in China and worldwide.

As Xiaomi is famous for its cost-effectiveness, its first electric vehicle, the SU7, secured competitiveness through reasonable prices. It successfully entered the electric vehicle market by attracting consumers’ attention with a design similar to the Porsche Taycan. However, it was embroiled in safety controversy as it showed various defects, such as the steering wheel not moving while driving or the brakes not working. Amid this controversy, there is news that Xiaomi is preparing an electric SUV.

Xiaomi’s New Electric SUV MX 11 / newcarscoops
Ferrari Purosangue / netcarshow

Resemblance to Ferrari Purosangue
New Modeling Possibilities

The new electric SUV model is codenamed MX 11 and will be unveiled in 2025. As their first electric vehicle became a hot topic due to its resemblance to the Porsche Taycan, expectations are high for the design this time as well. A new SUV test vehicle has already been spotted driving overseas. Although it is difficult to see in detail because it is well hidden by camouflage, the overall silhouette resembles Ferrari’s Purosangue.

Looking at the unveiled test vehicle, you can see that the overall platform is similar to the existing SU7, but the tailgate has been raised to provide ample space in the rear seat and secure additional space in the trunk. It was also revealed that it was equipped with the same taillight type as the SU7. Renderings created based on this are being unveiled one by one. However, later reports emerged that a new architecture could be obtained.

Xiaomi SU7 / News1
Xiaomi SU7

Rapid Rise as Cost-Effective Electric Car
Urgent Need for Safety Assurance

Xiaomi’s electric vehicles’ first electric vehicle, the SU7, appears to reference the Porsche Taycan and the newly prepared MX 11 (code name) seems to reference Ferrari’s Purosangue. Xiaomi is competing with premium brands such as Tesla, Porsche, and Li Auto and is seeking to secure competitiveness by offering significantly lower prices than its competitors’ vehicles. It is expected that the same strategy will be adopted as SU7 gained tremendous popularity as soon as it was launched through that type of strategy, receiving over 90,000 orders in 24 hours.

The MX 11, scheduled to be unveiled in 2025 and released the following year, will be available for about  $21,000. The MX 11, which features a luxurious design at an affordable price, is worthy of interest from consumers worldwide. However, safety controversy continues, with test drivers of the previous model, the SU7, losing their balance while turning right, slipping, or having their tires go flat while stepping on a curb of the road. Therefore, it is unclear whether it will become popular unless safety is secured.

Rendering of MX 11 / newcarscoops
Rendering of MX 11

The successor model will determine Xiaomi’s future

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun expressed confidence in the future of their automobile ventures, specifically mentioning the MX 11, which follows their initial car model, the SU7. He stated, “The SU7 is our first car, and we have already achieved quite a bit with it, so I believe that automobiles will make great progress in the future.” These remarks highlighted his optimism about their electric vehicle business advancements.

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